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From coating development to series production!

Our service includes so much more than just coatings. Our video shows you how our 3 services are...

Blösch Company | 2 min. Lesezeit

Blösch turns 75

The Blösch Story: HighlightsFounder and pioneer: 1947The history of the company is inextricably...

Blösch Company | 7 min. Lesezeit

DLC coating: decorative and functional


DLC, a layer little more than a micron thick, which protects and beautifies all the elements of a...

Tools & Components | 2 min. Lesezeit

Technology diversity at Blösch


Blösch Company | 0 min. Lesezeit

Diamond-like Carbon: Our surface solutions for parts and components

DLC (diamond-like carbon) coatings have attracted great interest in industry and research in recent...

Tools & Components | 2 min. Lesezeit

Success-Story: Microline® – Special process for coating micro tools

Common problem areas

Tools & Components | 2 min. Lesezeit

An apprenticeship at Blösch AG: Start with us into the future

We regularly offer the following apprenticeships:• Production mechanic (with end certificate of...

Blösch Company | 3 min. Lesezeit

Success-Story: FeinAl® – The optimum coating for fineblanking and punching

The goal

Tools & Components | 3 min. Lesezeit

Pascale Blösch elected to the Council of Swissmem

Solution-oriented and innovative action is one of the most important values of Blösch AG. Pascale...

Tools & Components | 1 min. Lesezeit

Success-Story: Optimal coating for reamers

The goal

Tools & Components | 4 min. Lesezeit

An apprenticeship at Blösch AG

Start with us into the
future as:
Production mechanic
Surface coater
Maintenance planner
IT specialist systems engineer
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