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Success-Story: FeinAl® – The optimum coating for fineblanking and punching

The hard coating "FeinAl" was developed in cooperation with the technology company Feintool and Platit AG for fineblanking and precision stamping and offers excellent results due to the combination of elasticity and extremely high abrasive wear resistance.

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Stefan Scholl Stefan Scholl,

The goal

High-strength steels with high sheet thicknesses are used for various new applications, such as seat adjuster mechanisms. Coatings of titanium carbonitride (TiCN) and aluminum titanium nitride (AlTiN) are reaching their limits with the ever-increasing sheet thicknesses and strength of the materials.

The Blösch solution

The "FeinAl" coating with a fine nanolayer structure is characterized by high elasticity of the layer and successfully inhibits crack propagation. Unlike a conventional wear protection, it does not consist of only one layer - like TiCN or AlTiN - but is composed of more than 25 layers that are only a few nanometers thick and multiply positive properties such as oxidation resistance, thermal insulation and abrasive wear resistance. Further advantages are the close-tolerance layer thickness and the specially coordinated pre- and post-treatment processes. "FeinAl" is therefore ideally suited for tools for fineblanking and precision stamping.

The advantages of FeinAl at a glance

  • Extremely high abrasive wear resistance with simultaneously high oxidation resistance due to Al-rich layers for high thermal insulation and Cr-rich layers for high hardness & wear resistance
  • Optimum toughness due to the special structure
  • Protection of the tool due to high thermal insulation and therefore also very suitable for high sheet thicknesses
  • Higher speeds and that without higher wear
  • Increase in service life of active elements by up to 50 percent

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