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Diamond-like Carbon: Our surface solutions for parts and components

For 75 years, Blösch has been dedicated to the processing and finishing of surfaces. Blösch creates coatings that combine fascinating aesthetics with unimagined functionality.

Abrasion, adhesion and tribological stress are factors that are becoming increasingly important in component manufacturing and have a significant influence on the service life of a part, component or tool.

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Stefan Scholl Stefan Scholl,

DLC (diamond-like carbon) coatings have attracted great interest in industry and research in recent years. High values for hardness and modulus of elasticity, chemical inertness, superior tribological properties, good corrosion resistance as well as high biocompatibility make DLC an extremely attractive surface coating.

BLÖSCH's coating portfolio includes two DLC coating variants that are targeted and fine-tuned to meet specific market and application needs. DLC STANDARD is specifically designed to meet application challenges for components and sliding contacts, while DLC HARD, a further development, is optimized specifically for tooling applications.

The BLÖSCH parts and components coating portfolio is complemented with MOVIc®, a coating developed for tribological challenges, with PPN+OXI, an additional pre-, and post-treatment for optimizing the substrate material, as well as a CrN coating produced with HiPiMS technology.

Thanks to the technology partnership with PLATIT, the market leader for the production of PVD and PECVD coating systems, we also offer the development of individual, customer-specific coating and logistics solutions.

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