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Success-Story: Microline® – Special process for coating micro tools

Tool manufacturers are pushing the limits of precision and geometry in the production of micro tools. Accordingly, the professional coating of these tools is a particular challenge.

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Stefan Scholl Stefan Scholl,

Common problem areas

  • Damage during transport between the tool manufacturer and the coating center
  • Breakage of the tool tip during handling or the coating process
  • Loss of time due to preparation, packaging and inspection at the customer's site

Our solution for micro tools

The Microline is a special process developed by Blösch AG for the coating of micro-tools, which has been optimized for handling micro-tools from collection at the customer's premises to delivery after coating.

The customer benefits from:

  • Minimal handling effort both at Blösch AG and himself thanks to intelligent holding solutions
  • Constant coating quality on PLATIT® high-tech coating equipment specially reserved for micro-tools
  • Possible quality control at Blösch AG according to customer specifications


Diagramm Microline d

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