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Our vision? Our vision!

Why it is so important that the strategy is lived by all employees and how Blösch AG initiated this with a "Strategy Day".


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In the last few years, the Board of Directors and the management of Blösch AG have put a lot of heart and soul into developing a new company strategy, consisting of vision, values, environment and concrete goals. But even the best strategy can only get on track if all employees are on board: Only when the goals have been acknowledged and internalized by truly every department can the vision be achieved together. With a text-heavy presentation, few can remember the vision in the long term, let alone the strategic goals to achieve it. 

Blösch took a completely different approach here and visualized its strategy for its employees. True to the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words", the strategy was implemented as a hidden object, peppered with little stories and a pinch of humor. With the four focus markets - represented as rockets - we are taking off in the direction of the sun, ready to achieve the vision we have written down.

The new strategy was presented to employees during a half-day "Strategy Day" on May 9, 2023. Employees were able to experience this strategy first-hand with a tour of the departments and learn at the various stations in a practical way how the strategic goals are implemented in the individual departments. The impressions gained on Strategy Day, combined with the visualization in the hidden object, should enable all employees to understand the core elements of the strategy in depth and ultimately to be able to live through them in their day-to-day work at the company.

But the work has only just begun: Now we still have to successfully implement this strategy. We are looking forward to this challenge!

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