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A picture is worth a thousand words

Join us on a journey to the sun and into our colorful world of strategy and find out what drives the Blösch company.


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The strategy of a company should be known, accepted and lived by its employees. And this requires enthusiasm. Text-heavy strategy papers cannot always convey this, so many strategies end up forgotten and languish in dark drawers. Blösch AG was looking for a solution to communicate its new strategic direction not only in a way that is comprehensible but is also exciting and fun, where it visualizes its vision, values and goals.

A picture is the simplest way to explain a complicated issue. But how can you place all the elements of a strategy in just one picture and also make it entertaining ? The answer is in a picture with many stories and room for humor that has already inspired us as children – a hidden object picture.

Immerse yourself in our colorful world of strategy and find out what goals and values the Blösch heart beats for:

Let's start our mission to the sun:

"With our broad technology portfolio, we develop and produce high-end coating solutions that are critical to the success of our customers' applications."
But what does that exactly mean?  Innovation and technical challenges are our passion. We help our customers to solve their technical problems around surfaces and the integration of their components. Our name stands for quality and application-specific know-how. We use our strength to combine many different technologies (PVD, electroplating, soldering, others) under one roof.

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Our Blösch-Wimmelhaus is embedded in our values and environment:
These values shape our daily actions with each other and our interactions with customers.
We are:

  • innovative:
    We recognize opportunities, create a knowledge base and invest in the future. Progress through innovation is our passion.
  • authentic:
    We build on competence. Solutions emerge from our own know-how.
  • solution-oriented:
    We act in a targeted and unbureaucratic manner. Flat hierarchies enable efficient decision-making.
  • a Swiss family business:
    We set high standards for ourselves and cultivate a culture of personal interaction and mutual appreciation.
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Blösch AG has a strong foundation and network. This gives us access to specialized know-how, it strengthens our already existing versatility and also creates visibility for us in the market.

  • Our employees are the carriers of our know-how and thus the core of our success. We invest in our employees in order to grow together with them, to maintain and expand our know-how.
  • With our sister company Liss a.s. we have the possibility for growth in the European Union. This way we can enter new markets and gain more international customers.
  • With our sister company Platit Group we have a very strong partner with high competence in mechanical engineering and layer development for tools.

Good relationships with universities give us the opportunity to build up and test special know-how. In addition, we can continuously recruit new talents, train and develop existing employees.

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We have defined four main target markets for Blösch AG, which we are actively working in: Watches, Tools, Medical and Optics & Sensors. These are our four rockets with which we are "taking off". These are the goals we want to achieve in the respective markets: 

  • Watches:
    We are a partner for our customers for projects with high added value in the luxury watch segment.
  • Tools:
    We are THE Swiss high-end coating provider with highest service quality.
  • Medical:
    We are a solution provider for optical components including their integration.
  • Optics & Sensors:
    We are a solution provider for sensor integration, designed for demanding environments.

For all four markets, we have formulated three to four main initiatives to achieve these goals.

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We can only fulfill our mission if we prepare our company to remain competitive, attractive and innovative in the future. To this end, we have formulated four initiatives for the next few years, which we intend to drive forward:

  • Innovation:
    We pursue application-related innovations together with our customers based on the configuration and adaptation of our technology portfolio.  Our customers are members of "High-Tech City", as they work in the high-end sector and are among the world's leading (technical) companies. In order to defend and expand their leading position, these companies are constantly evolving and need to overcome technical and aesthetic boundaries (represented as fog under the "Innovation" bridge). Blösch positions itself as a competent coating and integration partner for these companies by building a bridge from development to series production through a partnership based on "innovation". Using our broad technology portfolio and profound expertise, we master the technical challenges of our customers.
  • Digitalization and automation:
    We exploit the opportunities offered by digitalization and automation with the aim of continuing to standardize our processes and make them even more efficient. We train our employees to be able to operate new systems.
  • Sales:
    We are further expanding our capabilities and resources in sales and marketing with the aim of increasing our visibility, sustainably strengthening our sales organization, and actively exploiting opportunities offered by digitization.
  • Sustainability:
    We set ourselves goals to continuously reduce our ecological footprint.
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We hope you enjoyed the journey through our strategy world and if you look closely, there are still many funny details to discover.

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