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Successful completion of apprenticeship as production mechanic EFZ

Qasem Rezai has successfully completed his apprenticeship with us as a production mechanic EFZ. We congratulate him and thank him for the good apprenticeship. In the interview, you can find out how he experienced the training and whether this apprenticeship is also something for you.

Lesezeit: 6min.


Qasem, can you tell us...?

What does a production mechanic do exactly?

As a production mechanic:

  • You think through and check technical drawings.
  • You provide the necessary materials, machines and tools for the work.
  • You manufacture the parts.
  • You assemble the parts.
  • You test workpieces and machines for proper functioning.

Which activity(-ies) did you enjoy most during your apprenticeship?
I liked working in the mechanical department (milling, turning, drilling).

What event will you never forget?
The time when I passed the exams.

To whom would you recommend the apprenticeship as a production mechanic?

To someone who has technical understanding, likes precise, careful work, and is reliable.

Thank you very much for the interview Qasem!


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